Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wilder schools, or wider reporting?

At the Courier-Journal, three headlines caught my eye yesterday:
  • “Parents voice concern over security at Wilt Elementary.”
  • “Three at PRP added to suit over teen's death.”
  • “Court won't hear teen's suit over Boyd school policy,” a sequel to the older story of other students fighting to form a gay-straight alliance group.
Then, at the Herald-Leader:
  • “Former Lincoln school board member indicted in assault of Garrard principal” was at the top of the page.
  • “Nicholas principal charged with assault” was in the same position Friday.
Are we in a new age of authority being abused? Of public claims that authority has been abused? Or have stories like this always traveled by local word-of-mouth, but the internet now brings them statewide attention? I hope it's the third option, because that one carries the possibility that broader attention will encourage better conduct in the long run.

Postscript: when I set up the C-J link, I accidentally went first to their education blog, where the top story is "Former Dixie principal gets five years in prison."

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