Saturday, February 14, 2009

Quick Notes: Post-Secondary

The Council on Postsecondary Education discusses 2009-10 tuition Monday. The C-J reports that the goal is to get early University input and avoid the "contention" of last year's process.

A January CPE briefing paper included these affordability and access notes:
  • When tuition in Kentucky is compared to median family income, without considering financial aid, UK ranks11th highest in nation, comprehensive and other state universities eighth highest (including UofL), and KCTCS fourth highest.
  • "Total undergraduate enrollment growth was robust during the first years of reform (5.7 percent annual increase), but it has slowed recently (2.2 percent annual increase).
  • "Enrollment growth slowed the most among full-time, in-state, undergraduate students, from an increase of 14 percent early in reform to -1 percent more recently."
Senator Stine's SJR 89 calls for CPE to report on equity questions about "state fund contributions per full-time equivalent student" at each state comprehensive university.

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