Friday, February 20, 2009

What's this blog about, anyway?

In the big picture, we're about Kentucky education's challenges and possibilities. In the last month, the discussion has included some recurring themes.
  • With math as the exception, Kentucky student performance is in line with the national average.
  • Kentucky testing can be improved by leaner standards, end-of-course exams, international benchmarks, and replacing some testing with performance reviews.
  • Not testing social studies or writing or the problem-solving process of constructed response would not be improvements.
  • The federal stimulus will reduce recession damage to education.
  • Kentucky postsecondary funding is a puzzle: why are we ahead of national average, and what are we buying with the added money?
  • We need a stronger commitment to early childhood development, and stronger citizen engagement to make it happen.
Key challenge of our first month: luring our readers into asking questions, offering opinions, and sharing ideas in the comments section. Short comments are great, and curiousity about basics help us be clearer. And disagreements are a delight.

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