Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Waiving days and the stuff of government

The House Education committee approved the bill to allow 10 school days to be waived for weather, but with a disagreement described by Bluegrass Politics.

As Representative Cherry wrote the bill, once a school board asks for the days, the commissioner must grant them. At the hearing, Representative Moberly argued that the commissioner should have some discretion, with the option of deciding that some districts do not need the time waived. The bill now moves to the House floor for debate and decision on whether the final choice will happen at the local or state level.

It's one quick glimpse of legislators working on a genuine public issue--not a huge one, but a real one--with some care and conversation. Raised in the cynical Watergate generation, I don't assume that's way legislators always handle our business. Sometimes, though, it really does work that way, and that deserves a moment of admiration.

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