Monday, February 23, 2009

FAQ: What are CSIPs, CDIPs, and improvement plans?

School improvement plans are organized documents setting out a school's challenges and its strategies for improving student performance. That term is used nationwide.

In Kentucky, schools develop versions called CSIPs or comprehensive school improvement plans. A CSIP is comprehensive because it fulfills multiple planning requirements in a single document. For example, a CSIP meets schools’ obligation to plan ways to close achievement gaps, to plan improvements required by federal Title 1 funding, and plan professional development for school staff. The equivalent district documents are called CDIPs or comprehensive district improvement plans.

In CSIP/CDIP discussions:
  • Needs assessment is a process of collecting and analyzing data, in order to identify priority needs and set goals. Information might be collected from student testing, teacher, parent or student surveys, focus groups or other means. The needs assessment is the starting point for developing a CSIP or CDIP.
  • Components are sections of the plan spelling out steps to meet one plan goal, usually including activities, timelines, budgets, and a division of responsibilities.
  • Implementation and impact checks (or I & I Checks) are periodic activities to check that the work listed in the plan is getting done on schedule, look at evidence about whether the work is achieving the needed results, and decide if changes are needed to get things back on track.

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