Friday, February 13, 2009

SB 3 early graduation update

Added later: On Comment tonight, Linda Blackford said SB 3 adds an option for kids like "Doogie Houser."

The original version of Senate Bill 3 offered two early graduation options. As amended, the bill now has just one option, allowing students to graduate and qualify for a one-year scholarship if they:
  • Complete a list of sixteen courses worth fifteen credits.
  • Include two Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses.
  • Earn a 3.0 average on a 4.0 scale.
  • Score an 18 in English and a 22 in mathematics on the ACT.
Roughly speaking, SB 3 could allow up to 20% of Kentucky students to start college early with an added one-year scholarship worth about $2,500. You can download an updated one-page summary, including the list of required courses, here, or the whole bill by going here and clicking where it says SB 3 (BR 207).


  1. This begs a question about how we are identifying, supporting, and funding our gifted and talented students in K-12. I believe the funding is set for about 3% of students to qualify as gifted and talented, yet they think that up to 20% of our students are Doogie Houser?

  2. An anonymous commenter asked a question I can't pass up: "What is the benefit to high schools to offer early graduation which is a sure way to lose ADA funding?"

    Yes, high schools will lose money because their average daily attendance will go down for each student who leaves the school. The law is written so that high schools won't have a choice about students being able to do that.

    (And we truly do hope you'll use your real name for future comments.)

  3. I am in favor of early graduation (I did it myself), but 15 credits seems too light to me, even if some of them are hard.

  4. Gruntled has been resisting instructions since 1960, and I've been enjoying the consequences since 1979, so I'm letting his comment through. Folks, he's my husband, Beau Weston.


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