Thursday, February 26, 2009

Postsecondary clips: Tenure, tuition, Pell grants and loans

The KCTCS board is considering a proposal to replace tenure with one, two, and four year contracts? And reduce retirement benefits? Professor Sue Ballard's CJ letter to the editor opposes the idea. I'll be looking for more details on this issue, and I'd love any information readers can point me to.

CPE is proposing caps on tuition increases: 5% for UK and U of L, 4% for regional universities, 3% for KCTCS. [CPE staff recommendation here, C-J reporting here, and H-L here.]

EdWeek's Politics P-12 reports that President Obama's budget proposal, submitted today calls for eliminating federal subsidies for student loans from private lenders, probably to replace them with loans direct from the government. The proposal also calls for making Pell Grant funding mandatory, which would make funding less likely to fluctuate annually.


  1. I am a tenured professor, and can testify from personal experience that it is very good to have tenure protection when you are raising politically incorrect questions. Tenure does have a danger of protecting deadwood. That problem is better dealt with by attacking the deadwood for not doing their job, not by abolishing the bigger protection for those who professors who do their job, but in an unpopular way.


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