Monday, February 9, 2009

We love comments! (Updated)

We want you all, our readers, to join our discussion with your comments. Commenting means adding a note after something one of us posts. It could agree or disagree, ask a question, or share a related thought. It's easy:

1. Click "comments" in the pale green box below a post.
2. Scroll down the new page that appears and type your comment in the box at the bottom.
3. Choose "name/URL" from the window shade. Enter your name and click "continue."
4. Click "post comment" to submit what you've written.

If you want, experiment
by commenting on this post. Say something as simple as "hello!" or "testing,"and see how easy it is. You can even use "anonymous" as your name to try it out. We want you in our conversation.

Update: My thanks to e-mail subscribers for reminding me that they don't see that "pale green box" when they're reading. For you, the instructions should start with "0. Go to There, find a post you want to comment on."


  1. As an engaged Kentucky teacher, I'm saddened that few of us know about the Pritchard Committee and its activities. Dr. Richard Day said in a recent post on his blog that keeping teachers informed was not the aim of your organization. If, indeed, this is the case, I find this view most unfortunate. I think those who cared passionately about educational reform --- men like Dr. Thomas D. Clark, would have argued teachers must be part of the prescription for true reform.


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