Wednesday, February 4, 2009

SB 3 proposes major graduation changes

If Senate Bill 3 becomes law, students will be able to graduate and attend Kentucky community colleges after completing fourteen required courses if they have 2.8 GPAs and ACT scores of 18 in reading and 19 in math.

Students will be able to graduate and attend Kentucky four-year colleges after sixteen required courses, provided they have taken two AP/IB courses, have 3.4 GPAs, and meet ACT's college readiness benchmarks (18 English, 22 Mathematics, 21 Reading, 24 Science).

For comparison, Kentucky currently requires 22 credits as the minimum for a diploma.

Students graduating early will be able to convert some state SEEK money into scholarships for their first year of college, and their KEES award will be based on multiplying their average earnings for three years of high school by four.

You can download a more detailed one-page summary, including the courses that will be required, here, or the whole bill by going here and clicking where it says SB 3 (BR 207).

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  1. Since Jefferson County is putting on the push for all high schools to go to the 3x5 semester plan, I'm wondering if anyone is looking at how it works with these proposed graduation requirements?

    I'm also a little sad that we can't make 4 yrs of high school exciting enough to want to stay. What's the rush to grow up?


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