Sunday, February 22, 2009

State P-12 funding and the federal $650 million

Kentucky must provide state support for education to get the federal fiscal stabilization funds. More exactly, Governor Beshear must give an assurance that state support for P-12 education for fiscal years 2009, 2010, and 2011 will match the funding given in fiscal 2006. The numbers below reflect my starting sense of what should count toward that requirement.

That's my starting sense, but there may be some debate on the issue, First, I've shown only general fund dollars, but there may be a case that tobacco settlement and restricted funds should be added to the totals. I've included the separate KTRS line for money the state is paying in for past employees and to repay past borrowing, and there may be an argument that it should not as support for current education. Naturally, there may also be other issues I haven't spotted yet.

(Source: Here, you can download state budget documents with the numbers above. The FY 2006 numbers are taken from the 2006-08 budget in order to reflect cuts after the original was adopted. The 2009 and 2010 numbers reflect the budget adopted last year.)


  1. Susan, what are all those initials?

  2. I love answering questions like that!

    KDE is the big budget section assigned to the Kentucky Department of Education. The Department passes most of that money through to districts for SEEK and other categorical programs. Another big chunk goes to pay for health and retirement benefits for school and district employees.

    EPSB is the Education Professional Standards Board, responsible for teacher certification and related issues.

    SFCC is the School Facilities Construction Commission, which helps districts borrow money for new buildings and major renovations.

    KTRS is usually short for the Kentucky Teacher Retirement System. Here, it's more specifically the amount the state is paying into the system to that is not for this year's benefits to this year's employees, including repaying money borrowed in recent years. The KDE line included the current money.

    FRYSC is usually short for Family Resource and and Youth Service Centers. Here, it's more specifically the amount that is in the budget for Health and Family Services: the KDE line includes a much larger FRYSC appropriation.


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