Friday, March 6, 2009

Top 20 by 2020: A Prichard definition

The Prichard Committee has challenged Kentucky to be among the top twenty states by 2020, based on twenty measures that span preschool through college. We are currently:
  • 9th in fourth grade science
  • 15th in per pupil total higher education funding
  • 20th in fourth grade writing
  • 22nd in eighth grade science
  • 24th in preschool enrollment of children ages 3 and 4
  • 25th in share of higher education funding paid by families
  • 26th in fourth grade reading
  • 29th in eighth grade reading
  • 33rd in students earning AP college credit in high school
  • 33rd in full-time students completing associate’s degree in three years
  • 34th in eighth grade mathematics
  • 34th in average teacher salary
  • 35th in adults 18 to 24 with high school diploma or equivalent
  • 36th in eighth grade writing
  • 37th in full-time students completing bachelor’s degree in six years
  • 38th in high school graduates going on to college
  • 40th in fourth grade mathematics
  • 41st in per-pupil elementary and secondary funding
  • 44th in science, tech, engineering, math share of bachelor’s degrees
  • 44th in adults 25 to 34 with a bachelor’s degree or higher
It's an ambitious goal, possible only with sustained energy and leadership, but genuinely possible if we make the commitment to get it done.

(Source: The Committee's four-page can be downloaded here, summarizing some key steps forward that Kentucky has already taken, as well as some challenges still unmet, and it also shows the data for each Kentucky ranking above and for the state that is currently twentieth.)

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