Thursday, March 26, 2009

Local commitments on Core Content results

Here's a first round up of reported district plans for transition accountability work.

Fayette County will calculate an Accountability Index and let the public see how close schools get to the statewide goal of 100 by 2014. In his electronic newsletter, Superintendent Stu Silberman writes that:
For the next two years the state will not calculate an accountability index for schools, but will provide us with the tools we need as a district to do these calculations for ourselves. We feel it is important that we do this for two reasons – to maintain our accountability to our families and community and to be able to measure the progress we are making with our kids. The work and commitment to helping kids learn at high levels is incredible right now in our district and it is important that we celebrate the results when they come back.

Bullitt, McCracken, and Oldham will use this year’s optional Core Content Tests in arts & humanities and practical/vocational. The CJ quotes Paul Upchurch, Oldham County school superintendent as saying: "we're coming at this from the standpoint that we have to maintain accountability in every classroom and for every child."

Those four, plus Campbellsville, Elizabethtown, and Jefferson County will score writing portfolios this spring.

Most reports do not say whether districts will calculate an Index following the Fayette model, but Jefferson County will not do so, according to Deputy Superintendent Marty Bell.

Please do let us know what you're hearing from your local schools on this issue!

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