Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Productivity at the postsecondary level

The Chamber's postsecondary report's final barrier is productivity, noting that "Kentucky produces comparatively fewer bachelor’s degrees for the level of funding than other states. " The report its conclusion with this graph.

Yes I know that's hard to look at, even with the arrows I've added to point out where Kentucky fits. I recommend that you check out the original on page 89 of the Chamber report.

The Delta Cost Project offers what may be a simpler way to see the problem, dividing institutions' educational spending by the number of completions per year, to provide numbers like these:

The community college number is startling, because completions counts certificates and diplomas as well as degrees, and KCTCS produces many of those.

The results for the other schools, though, look to me like further evidence that we should be talking about how our costs relate to our results in higher education.

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