Friday, March 13, 2009

SB 1 as it happens [Updated]

4:25 The HLeader is reporting that the House and Senate have a deal on transition testing for 2010 and 2011 that uses the Kentucky Core Content Tests for reading, mathematics, science and social studies. That leaves questions about on-demand writing, transition accountability, and the start of program reviews on subjects being dropped from testing. We may well hear about those during the floor debates this evening, and I'll update if I hear anything. To watch online, go here.

5:15 The CJ adds that on-demand writing will be tested during the transition, and quotes House Education chair Rollins as saying the bill is "exactly what we wanted." [Hat tip: KSN&C]

5:47: Richard Day reports in comments that "The House just passed the amended Senate Bill 1 93-0 to a standing ovation." (That will teach me to take 20 minutes for dinner.)

5:53: Richard's further story is here, including his note thatChairman Rollins, answering a question from Rep. Wayne, said that:
We will continue to use the current ...core content test for science, math, reading, and social studies. [Schools] will be held accountable through the No Child Left Behind federal legislation for math, science and reading.
That leaves writing unassessed and social studies assessed but unaccountable for 2009, 2010, and 2011, and a question not yet asked about when we program reviews for arts, practical, and portfolio.

6:02 Senate Chairman Winters "We've established a new day."

6:09 Senator Dan Kelly "very proud of the work" on this bill,and the bill passes 38:0.

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  1. The House just passed the amended Senate Bill 1 93-0 to a standing ovation.


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