Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Anonymous comments now welcome

We've received some very thoughtful notes from folks who want to be anonymous, and we've decided to accept those comments without names. Do note our simplified ground rules:
We welcome comments short and long, sharing opinions and ideas, or simply asking questions. We won't publish your comment if you accuse others of wrongdoing, insult them, or use foul language.
Also, if you aren't a veteran blog commenter, here are some basics:
  • For e-mail readers, the title of each post is an internet link. Clicking it will take you to the webpage for comments on that post.
  • For website readers, the word "comments" below each post is the link that will take you to the comments page.
  • If you just want to experiment to see how it works, feel free to submit a test comment on this post that just says "hello" or something else simple.

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