Saturday, March 14, 2009

22 months to leaner, better-aligned content standards

Kentucky's P-12 academic content standards will undergo a complete overhaul under SB 1, with the new edition offering fewer, clearer standards that are better aligned for college readiness and global competition. Those standards will be used:
  • Major efforts to prepare current P-12 educations, higher education faculty, and students in teacher preparation programs to use the standards well.
  • New assessments in reading, mathematics, science, social studies, and writing.
  • New program reviews for arts and humanities, practical living skills and career studies, and writing.
Kentucky's public universities and KCTCS will also set reading and mathematics core academic content standards for introductory courses. Educators from both levels will share in setting both sets of standards, along with other participants and opportunities for wide public input. Both sets of standards will be in place by January of 2011.

For a one-page PDF with a fuller description of SB 1 standards requirements, click here.

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