Saturday, March 14, 2009

SB 1 Interim Testing Provisions (2009-2011)

Senate Bill 1 has been sent to the Governor for signature, and it's time to start analyzing its provisions. As a start, for 2009 through 2011, here's how we'll test:
  • In reading and mathematics, students will take our current criterion-referenced tests, better known as Kentucky Core Content Tests, and schools will be accountable for reaching NCLB proficiency goals.
  • In science and social studies, students will take our current criterion-referenced tests.
  • In writing, students will take the on-demand and multiple choice portions of our current criterion-referenced tests.
  • Students will take the Explore, Plan, and ACT readiness tests.
  • For 2009 only, the state will provide test booklets and scoring guides for testing arts and humanities and practical/vocational, and districts will decide how to use those materials.
  • For 2010 and 2011, students will take a new norm-referenced reading and mathematics test in grades 3 through 7.
For a one-page PDF with charts of the grades that will take each test, click here. For the complete bill, click here, and on that page, click the link that says "SB 1." In the bill, search for "Section 19" to see the interim testing rules.

One puzzle: some media reports say that schools will be accountable for science results under NCLB. So far, I haven't been able to find any Kentucky NCLB goals for science or any federal directive on when such goals must be set. I may be missing something in my research, or others may have assumed that if there is NCLB science testing, there must also be NCLB science consequences. I'll report back when I get some more information on that issue.


  1. For the 1 page PDF, is the second half supposed to be 2008-2009 or 2009-2010?

  2. You're right, I've posted a replacement, and I'm sorry it was needed.

  3. This is a link about the science accountability piece for NCLB

    States have some flexibility as to what subjects are tested and when. Prior to 2005-2006, they must measure proficiency of mathematics and reading or language arts, and do this at least once during grades three through five, six through nine, and 10 through 12. By 2005-2006, states must measure student achievement annually against state academic and achievement standards in grades three through eight in mathematics and reading or language arts. Beginning in 2007-2008, states must also include science assessments at least once during each of these three grade spans. So, by 2007, students will be tested annually from grades 3 to 8 in readingand math, tested twice in the elementary grades in science, and then in reading, math, and science at least once in grades 10-12.

  4. Is the Spring 2009 testing window going to change?

  5. I think the testing window has to get shorter. KDE had announced a ten-day window in May 2009, but SB 1, Section 19, subsection(4) says "During the interim, the testing window for the criterion-referenced test may be up to seven days in 2008-2009 and up to six days during the 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 school years with additional makeup days as determined by the state board."


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