Thursday, March 5, 2009

A teacher and a hero

"She taught with love and was loved in return" is the headline on a great Merlene Davis profile in today's Herald-Leader:
If calls and e-mails to our newsroom are any indication, Emma Jean Guyn Miller touched a lot of lives before her life ended peacefully at her home in Nicholasville on Friday. She was 107 years old.

For more than 40 years, Mrs. Miller was a schoolteacher, starting in a one-room schoolhouse during segregation and ending when integration made her years of knowledge and experience dispensable.

Enjoy the full piece here.


  1. Susan,

    Did you mean to say indispensable?

  2. The "dispensable" is from Merlene Davis's original. When the schools were integrated, I know that African-American teachers were sometimes told that their credentials were not good enough, even if they had long track records of successful teaching. I read that part of the article to mean that Mrs. Miller was one of the educators who were locked out of teaching that way.


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