Thursday, May 7, 2009

Program review: pilot standards

Here, KDE shares the scoring rubric from the 2007-08 pilot program reviews of arts and humanities programs, organized around four standards:
Standard 1: The school develops and implements an arts and humanities curriculum that is rigorous, intentional, integrated and aligned to state and local standards.

Standard 3: The school uses multiple evaluation and assessment strategies to continuously monitor and modify instruction to meet student needs and support proficient student work.

Standard 2: The school‘s instructional program actively engages all students by using effective, varied, and research-based practices in the arts to improve student academic performance.

Standard 4: School instructional decisions are student centered and decisions about the organization of the school focus on maximizing available resources to provide the highest quality arts and humanities education for all students.
The SB 1 move to program reviews for arts, practical living, and writing portfolio can be a positive step for student achievement. These rubrics, with their detailed descriptions of performance levels and potential evidence fore each standard, illustrate of what a serious process can include.

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