Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Reading and content: the video edition

Here's a great version of the argument about reading and prior content knowledge. It runs to nine minutes, which isn't ideal, but it sure does make the point well.

If you aren't seeing a video, click here for another way to view. For more about the creator's work, click here. And special thanks to the commenter who brought it to my attention!


  1. Great video. It confirms everything that I have witnessed in working with at-risk students both with and without learning disabilities. It is why I advocate for these students to take the highest level course they can take, even if it means that the school won't schedule an ECE resource teacher to collaborate in that class. It has paid dividends in ACT test results, student motivation and learning culture. Sticking kids in 90 minutes of reading strategies with low level content is a waste of time. Assigning ECE resource teachers to collaborate only in low level classes keeps students from being exposed to the content they need to become good readers.

    A culinary student I mentor reads at a low level according to standardized tests, but can read, explain, and perform the most complicated cooking methods, menus and ingredients. His passion for the subject matter fills in the blanks just like the baseball example in this video.

  2. Fannie Louise MadduxMay 13, 2009 at 9:43 AM

    This is a great video! I shared it with several folks in our school system and we discussed it at our Coalition meeting last night.


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