Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Impressive transfers!

Students who transfer to a university after completing a KCTCS associate's degree are more likely to complete their bachelor's degrees than students who spend their first three years in already in a bachelor's program. Check out this graph:

The dark purple bar shows the three-year bachelor degree graduation rate of KCTCS transfer students entering four-year institutions in summer or fall 2005 with an associate's degree. The lighter green bar shows the three-year bachelor's degree graduation rate of native students who entered three years prior and were still enrolled in fall 2005.

On Sunday, the Herald-Leader offered an editorial opinion that "A dozen years after its creation, the Kentucky Community and Technical College System is seen as one of this state's success stories." That's well supported by data like this.

Source: The graduation rates above come from CPE analysis here, redone for readability.

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