Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mapping a math issue

Yes, I know the map is small, but the main idea comes through. Click here and scroll down a bit to download this map and others on readiness from CPE.

By county, the map shows the percent of recent high school graduates entering public postsecondary who brought an ACT mathematics score of 17 or lower in the fall of 2006.

The lightest shades show the lowest need for developmental education. Oldham stands alone in the 0.0-19.9% category, with the other light spots showing 20.9% to 29.9%.

With increasingly dark shades, the map then groups counties with 30.0-39.9%, 40.0% to 49.9%, and 50.0% to 79.9% of entering students bring math scores of 17 or below.

As I read the map, raising our math performance may require some regional initiatives as well as new statewide exertion.

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