Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Transition accountability: Madison County

Superintendent Tommy Floyd has written a great statement on "The Right Expectations – Thoughts for Madison County School parents." He outlines the district's focus on being student-centered, data-driven, and continuously improving, with impressive detail on how they make that focus work, and concludes:
We are prepared to continue to hold ourselves accountable in this interim period of the changing state testing process. The Kentucky Education Reform Act was more than just a test. It was a change in mind set for our state in educating our children. We now have a great opportunity to design a testing system that can meet the many needs of today’s schools.

Based on the participation and passion displayed during the recent Middle School redistricting forums, it is obvious to us that the people of Madison County have high expectations for their children and want only the best for them. Madison County Schools wants to work with you to help each and every boy and girl be their very best. We do have high expectations in Madison County. We believe that regardless of state and Federal changes that will continue to come forth, we have the right expectations.

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