Friday, April 10, 2009

Postsecondary degrees growing, missing goals

Do more Kentuckians have certificates and degrees? Yes, according to CPE's new Accountability Report, but the improvement is not rapid enough more to meet the very high goals needed to "double the numbers" by 2020.

Ninth-graders’ chance for college by age 19 exceeded goal
44% chance in 2008, up from 38% in 2004 and above 39% goal.

College-going rate of GED graduates below goal
21% in 2006-07, up from 19% in 2007-08, but below the 24% goal.

Undergraduate enrollment below goal
212,916 in the fall of 2007, up from 205,153 in 2006, but below the 215,797 goal.

Graduate and professional enrollment below goal
27,664 in fall 2007, up from 27,182 in 2006, but below the 29,383 goal.

Statewide bachelors degrees below goal

27,841 bachelors degrees and above in 2007-08, did not meet goal of 27,925 bachelor's degrees and above.

Degrees by institution
EKU, Murray, NKU, UK, and Western met their 2007-08 bachelor's degree goals, while KSU, Morehead, and U of L fell short. Morehead awarded fewer bachelor's than in 2005-06, while the others increased.

The independent colleges and universities, as a group, met their goal and awarded more degrees.

KCTCS met its 2007-08 goal for certificates, but fell short on diplomas and associates degrees, though increasing all three types of awards.

The full report is available here: on the right side of the page, click the picture of the red cover.

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