Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A bit about taxes

Today's post at the Gruntled Center:
Today is Tax Day.

This is the day when all Americans should celebrate the services that we have hired the government to provide. I have already eaten food that was safe and regulated, sit in a house that was built to code, use electric appliances built to standard, and wear clothes made cheaper by trade agreements. Soon I will walk down city sidewalks, cross a state highway, past dormitories built with government-backed bonds, to teach students who can be at Centre College because of their federal loans.

But before I go to work, I will put up the flag and thank all those who served in our armed forces to keep me and my family free to enjoy all of this and much more.

Paying taxes is a patriotic duty that I can do with a grateful heart.
(Happy disclosure: I'm married to author Beau Weston.)

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  1. Thanks for these reminders Beau. I had similar thoughts as I drove by the protesters yesterday.


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