Tuesday, April 7, 2009

KSB summer school loss

Some years ago, I spent a whole day observing at the School for the Blind, having told their council "I don't know yet what it is I don't know." By the time the SBDM meeting convened at four pm, I could fill in some of the blanks. For example, a blind student:
  • learns cooking and dishwashing basics by being shown, not by watching from a high chair.
  • starts reading "Make Way for Ducklings" without those wonderful drawings to pull him in.
  • focuses on the work at her desk, not getting added knowledge from posters, other students' work on display, or observing how classmates are starting their task across the room.
  • takes several days to learn the route to a restroom visible from the classroom door.
  • feels a teacher's approval when the teacher speaks or touches, not from a smile.
As I learned each of those things, I kept thinking "every step takes more time."

As I read that KSB has cancelled its summer school for lack of funds, I feel that needed time being denied to students who are ready to learn. The decision is terrible even if there's no alternative.

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