Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ed Trust reports on Kentucky

The Education Trust's newest state reports spotlight key equity issues that deserve our attention.

EdTrust doesn't sugarcoat bad news.
In fourth grade reading and eighth grade math, the gaps between white and black Kentucky students have grown, while national gaps have declined. Of students who entered public higher education in 2000, too few graduated by 2006, ranging from 52% of Asian students to 27% of native Americans. We still can't report high school graduations by race. And this graph of per-pupil funding, with Kentucky marked in black, is a sad thing.

And yet, there's important perspective on what we do well
Kentucky's high poverty districts have an average of $906 more per pupil than our low poverty districts--the right relationship in a state trying to raise performance for all, and different from a country where, on average, the poorest districts have $773 less. And these two reading graphs, for students from higher income and lower income families,respectively, show our strength against the odds.

Do check out the whole report, and compare it to the matching national version, here.

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