Thursday, April 16, 2009

SEEK base: Visualizing equalization (minor update)

Earlier, I wrote about the basics of SEEK base funding here. Now, some pictures of the same data from the 2009-10 SEEK forecast.

Above, the twelve districts with the most taxable property per student put in more local money and receive less state money than state average, yet all have total base funding within $400 of the average.

Below, the twelve districts with the least taxable property put in less local money and receive more state funds, yet all end up with base resources within $615 of the average.

Why do the numbers vary at all? They vary because the formula starts with a base guarantee of $3,909, then adds money based on student disabilities, limited English proficiency, free lunch participation, and transportation. The districts that receive the most (combining district and state) under the formula have the highest identified needs in those areas.

(Minor update: A reader found the last paragraph unclear, so I've added the three words shown in italics. I hope they make my point easier to follow.)

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