Monday, March 29, 2010

RTTT: Kentucky ninth among Round 1 applicants, aiming to score higher in Round 2

In announcing Race to the Top Awards to Delaware and Tennessee, the federal education department also released state scores on the 0 to 500 scale.  Here are the top 10 final scores:

  1. Delaware 454.6
  2. Tennessee 444.2
  3. Georgia 433.6
  4. Florida 431.4
  5. Illinois 423.8
  6. South Carolina 423.2
  7. Pennsylvania 420.0
  8. Rhode Island 419.0
  9. Kentucky 418.8
  10. Ohio 418.6
The full list can be downloaded here (choose the "summary chart" above the list of states).

The Department also anticipates 10 to 15 grants in the second round.  Being ninth among all states in the first competition means starting out at seventh among all those going on to further competition.

Since all states will try to improve their scores, Kentucky will certainly need to study all the scoring and work to make our application stronger for the next round.  But it certainly looks as though time spent on those upgrades could bring us mighty benefits in the rest of the competition.

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