Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kentucky continues funding higher education above national average.

For fiscal year 2009, Kentucky public higher education's funding per full-time equivalent pupil was (again) above national average. 

The amount paid by state appropriations was above average. 

The amount paid by students and their families, known as "net tuition" after financial aid, was above average. 

And the total was above average. 

These numbers come from the annual State Higher Education Finance 2009 report  issues by the State Higher Education Executive Officers group.

More exactly, the numbers graphed above are unadjusted figures from the SHEF 2009 work.  In the main report, the figures show Kentucky figures adjusted upward because of our lower cost of living and our enrollment mix.  There, Kentucky's net tuition paid by families is shown as $5,215, the appropriation figure as $7,969, and the total revenue as $13,184.  I backed out that adjustment by multiplying the Kentucky figures by the 0.895 adjustment factor shown in the report's "Technical Paper Table 2."   Graphing the adjusted numbers would make Kentucky's spending appear still further ahead of national average.


  1. So some students and perhaps their families will be paying above national average costs for college that could include remedial math and english courses they should've mastered in k-12?

  2. Anon, these are annual costs. I'd expect the remediation to require more years in school, but not more cost per year.

  3. The above average funding doesn't address the students on 'the border line'.

    And where is this extra funding coming from? More to the Magnet type schools, and less to the others?

  4. Anon--this post is about funding to public universities and to the Kentucky Community and Technical College System. Statewide, Kentucky funding for P-12 education is well below national average, but far more equitably distributed ithan in most other states.


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