Monday, May 24, 2010

Here come the cuts (House budget bill)

The special legislative session began today. Under the budget bill filed today in the House, P-12 education will receive significantly less state funding next year. Comparing the budget for FY 2011 to the original budget for 2010, the largest reductions are:
  • $62.7 million from base SEEK funding
  • $21.0 million from textbooks
  • $12.8 million from teachers' retirement premiums for current teachers
  • $9.6 million from the Facilities Construction Commission
  • $3.7 million from early reading grants
  • $2.6 million from preschool
  • $2.5 million from family resource and youth service centers
  • $2.1 million from education technology
  • $1.3 million from the Professional Standards Board
  • $1.2 million from mathematics achievement
There are some increases, including:
  • $31.2 million to health insurance for school and district employees
  • $18.2 million to maintain benefits to retired educators
  • $7.9 million to facilities equalization
  • $2.8 million to Tier I SEEK funding
Overall, P-12 funding will decrease by $62.7 million if the current House budget bill takes effect. Of course, changes are possible as the bill moves from committee to the House floor, from there to the Senate, and quite possibly back again to resolve differences.

Note for number lovers: The facilities equalization increase above includes the line items for the Facilities Support Program of Kentucky (FSPK), equalized facility funding, growth levy equalization, and retroactive equalized facility funding. The total decrease included the budgets for the Department of Education, the Education Professional Standards Board, the School Facilities Construction Commission, and the line item to maintain benefits for educators who have already retired.

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