Saturday, May 29, 2010

The cult of the library (with a bit of cultural literacy on the side)

Mostly, this is good fun for a Saturday post.

Still, I'm compelled to admit that in the original movie, I sighed with happiness at the site of the library lions and gasped in horror when the ghosts attacked the card catalog? Watching this one, I'm realizing that I find scenes shot in libraries nearly as riveting as those that feature George Clooney. 

(If the film doesn't load for you, it's also available at


  1. I love how pop culture is treated with almost as much reverence as public policy. This post made me LOL!

  2. Did you notice how full the library was? It was filled with folks of all ages using resources, computers, and study space. Good to point out when some folks think libraries are outdated . . .


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