Friday, May 7, 2010

Crossing the continent for parent empowerment

The quote was no surprise.
“It’s our responsibility as citizens to hold our schools accountable,” said Raimondo. “It’s easier to do that when parents know what is supposed to be going on.”

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  1. This is never truer than in Louisville right now. Parents who have received CIPL training have a very in-depth understanding of the process that is going on with the Leadership Assessment audits of persistantly low-performing schools, which have substantial consequences in holding leadership and teachers accountable. Because these assessments have serious consequences, the press is doing a great job of getting information out to the public in an unprecedented way, but there are many nuances and complicated issues to this audit process that even some of the media don't understand. It should be required for all education reporters to complete CIPL training so they would have a similar in-depth understanding of these complicated education accountability issues as CIPL Fellows do.


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