Monday, February 8, 2010

Math for each grade in the common standards

The new grade-by-grade draft of the core standards lays out what students should master each year from kindergarten through eighth grade. Here, reformatted from the last page of the draft, is a thumbnail version of that progression:
The full array of subjects for each grade is laid out in three pages of text, with enough detail to help parents work out what's included under those mathematical terms.

The plan is for the final version to start each grade with a section on "Developing Coherent Understanding." That looks as though it may explain how the topics within a grade reinforce one another and build on past work, but in this draft, the text below that heading just says "[Temporarily removed for editing.]"

Over the years, I've heard many parents wish for an overview of what to expect year by year, both to plan extra help for their children and to have a sense of whether classroom instruction is falling behind. This draft offers a pretty robust response to that desire.

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