Friday, February 5, 2010

K-12 standards draft!

Here are the long-awaited grade-by-grade draft of the common core standards for
These were linked in this January 28 EdWeek article, which also reports that a third document is being prepared on "the literacy skills students in middle and high school need to apply to the study of history and science."

The website for the common core project doesn't yet have this draft, which I think means they're doing another draft before they ask for public comments. And after public comments, there will be at least one more round of revisions before the standards are finalized.

I've got to run to meetings and then run back to another project that needs finishing before I can sit down and read carefully.

Meanwhile, please do tell me what you think! (E-mail readers, click on the title of this post to get to the web-page version, and then scroll down to add your thoughts.)

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