Thursday, February 18, 2010

Higher education funding by institution: the shrinking version and the growing version

Here's one way to display the state budget for higher education, comparing the FY 2006 budget to the Governor's FY 2012 budget.

Looking at the General Fund alone, every four-year institution except Kentucky State will lose ground, and the KSU gain is less than $40,000.  KCTCS is slated to gain a bit over $4 million.   If the Governor's budget or something similar is adopted, the institutions as a group will receive about 2 percent less they received 2006, and no help at all with inflation that reduces their buying power.

Here's another way to look at the budget impact, considering all the revenue shown in state budget documents.  In this version, every institution is expected to see growth, averaging 40 percent and ranging from 12 percent at Kentucky State to 51 percent at the University of Kentucky.

Of course, neither version accounts for enrollment changes, expanded research, or other changes in how each institution contributes to the state overall.

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