Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kentucky's deficit, bad as it is, is better than most states

In the map above, white shows the two states without deficits, and blue shows the states with deficits of 19 percent or less.  Kentucky's big financial hole is actually smaller than the many states in olive green (20 to 29 percent) and the smaller group in lime green (30 percent or higher).

The data is from a recent Center for Budget and Policy Priorities report, and the map is from FiveThirtyEight.

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  1. Look at this study on unfunded pension liabilities. Kentucky is 5th worst with its pensiosn only 64% funded. And this was before the market crash in late 2008.


    From the report: Kentucky’s six pension systems had a combined funding level of 63.8 percent, and a total liability of $34 billion in fiscal year 2008. The Bluegrass State had an unfunded liability that was 234 percent of payroll.


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