Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Index results for students with disabilities: growth is happening

Students with disabilities are making more rapid progress than other student groups, though not at the pace needed to reach proficiency by 2014. That result is visible in the newest "transition index" analysis released by the Council for Better Education, the Kentucky Association of School Councils, and the Prichard Committee.

The graphs below show results for students with disabilities over the last three years, with a projection of results out to 2014 and comparison results for all students.  An index of 100 is equivalent to the average student being proficient in reading, mathematics, science, social studies, and writing.
The central, easy-to-spot, point is that these students are far behind their peers.  A second point, though, should not be missed: results for students with disabilities are improving faster than results for all students.  For all the justified frustration this data will provoke, do notice that the results are changing.  To me, that suggests that the efforts of educators and parents matter and that steady accountability from the state and federal level matter, too.

Results for other student groups were released last fall, but a data glitch delayed the analysis for the disability group until this week. The full statewide report and school and district results are here.

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