Tuesday, August 11, 2009

SB 1 nuts, bolts, and outlines

Here's a diagram of how KDE and CPE are organizing the implementation of Senate Bill 1.

The steering committee at the top will include Senator David Williams, Representative Carl Rollins, Secretary Helen Mountjoy, CPE President Bob King, EPSB Director Phil Rogers, Commissioner Terry Holliday, WKU President Gary Ransdell, and Fayette County Superintendent Stu Silberman. That's a potent group of leaders, capable of hammering out almost any issue that emerges as the work moves forward.

For mathematics, a practitioner committee will make recommendations this fall on adopting or revising the Common Core standards, with P-12 and postsecondary members working both together and as separate subcommittees.

For language arts, a similar committee will work this fall, with committees on other subjects (not yet shown in the diagram) doing their work during 2010.

For college readiness, the workgroup will include postsecondary administration and staff along with KDE representation, working to increase the number of students who graduate from high schools ready for college work and the number of students who start college needing developmental course work and go on from their to complete their degrees.

My thanks to Michael Miller at KDE for sharing the PowerPoint he and his colleagues used to explain how all this will work!

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  1. It seems so logical that K-12 and Postsecondary talk to each other and collaborate so that preparation for higher levels of education is real for all students. Many parents assume that has been done for years and are surprised that it hasn't. This is a powerful piece of SB1. May it be taken seriously and done well.


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