Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Graduation rates (KCTCS, with transfer rates)

The differences in graduation rates below are striking, ranging from 54 percent of students completing associate degrees within three years to only 11 percent.

I included transfer rates because a student who transfers to a bachelor's program can still be fully on track for a timely degree, but I'm not confident that's what all transfers involve. The College Navigator note simply says "Transfer-out rates measure the percentage of entering students who transfer to another institution within 150% of normal time to program completion." That could also include transfers to other schools within KCTCS, and those transfers might or might not be followed by timely graduation.

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  1. The Center on Reinventing Public education at the University of Washington published a study, http://www.crpe.org/cs/crpe/download/csr_files/wp_crpe1r_cc2_apr09.pdf , on transfer rates at community college. One conclusion was that studentattainment, completion rates, and transfer rates were better at community colleges with a higher percent of tenured faculty and "favorable faculty-to-student ratios.

    We have other evidence that a higher percent of tenured faculty has a positive impact on graduation rates. This is important evidence that documents the ill advised move by KCTCS to eliminate tenure for new faculty.


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