Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Old schools, new gambling money?

The Herald-Leader reports online that "House Democrats hope to use gambling proceeds from slots at racetracks to fund a large-scale program that would spend up to $700 million replacing dozens of the state’s oldest school buildings," including the sixteen schools over 40 years old and some of the 142 that are between 30 and 40 years old. The article also reports a chilly reception from Republicans in both houses.

Still, I went looking for lists of the schools, and found them here. The buildings identified as more than forty years old are:
  • Anderson Co: Early Childhood Center
  • Carter Co: Carter Elementary
  • Clark Co: Central, Fannie Bush, and Pilot View Elementaries
  • Fleming Co: Ewing and Hillsboro Elementaries
  • Johnson Co: Mead Memorial Elementary
  • Leslie Co: W.B. Muncy Elementary
  • Letcher Co: Beckham Bates Elementary
  • Metcalfe Co: North Metcalfe and Summer Shade Elementary
  • Paducah Ind: Paducah Middle
  • Perry Co: D.C. Wooten Elementary
  • Pike Co: Phelps Elementary
  • Robertson Co: Deming Elementary/High
I'm confident that buildings that were originally built more than 40 years old have had substantial renovations and been moved from that list.

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