Monday, June 22, 2009

County-level outcomes: Christian County

As with yesterday's version (here), this graph:

• Uses data from CPE's County Profiles (here).
• Divides the target county's numbers by statewide numbers.
• Uses red for any bar that's more than 10 percent below the county's share of total population.
• Uses purple for any bar that's more than 10 percent above the population share.

That low adult education enrollment combined with the high GED completion is definitely eye-catching. Are students preparing for the exam in some other settings besides the main adult education program? Is the main program working with fewer students but serving each better?

The associate's degree result certainly reflects Hopkinsville Community College as a regional presence.

The drop-off after that, though, does look like reason for concern about whether more support is needed to increase the number of students reaching for higher attainment than that.

Again, local thoughts from Christian County and the surrounding area are heartily invited.

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