Wednesday, January 17, 2018

K-12: More Detail on $40.5 Million of Programs the Governor Would End

| Post by Susan Perkins Weston |

In his proposed budget, Governor Bevin proposes no general fund spending for sixteen K-12 programs implemented by the Kentucky Department of Education:  Compared to the funding in the last budget (for 2018, the fiscal year that's already underway), that will mean cuts of:

  • $16.7 million for Instructional Materials/Textbooks
  • $11.9 million for Professional Development
  • $1.4 million for Teacher Academies
  • $1.4 million for the Commonwealth School Improvement Fund
  • $1.3 million for Teacher Quality and Diversity
  • $1.2 million for the Collaborative Center for Literacy Development

  • $941 thousand for Save the Children (this project is offered Tobacco Settlement support)
  • $720 thousand for Teacher’s Professional Growth Fund
  • $700 thousand for Virtual Learning
  • $339 thousand for Middle School Academic Achievement Center
  • $329 thousand for Leadership and Mentoring
  • $250 thousand for Teach for America
  • $228 thousand for the Georgia Chaffee Teenage Parent Program
  • $100 thousand for the Lexington Hearing and Speech Center
  • $100 thousand for the Heuser Hearing and Speech
  • $72 thousand for Appalachian Tutoring

The Governor also proposes no funding for the Kentucky Teacher Internship Program, or KTIP, a mentoring and support process that first-year teachers complete in order to get full certification for their jobs. KTIP is funded through the Education Professional Standards Board. Compared to the 2018 budget, that's a cut of:
  • $2.8 million for Kentucky Teacher Internship Program
Taken together, that adds up to general fund reductions of:
  • $40.5 million for 17 programs that support K-12 learning
The entries shown in green italics fit an additional pattern: they're programs for strengthening teachers and helping them become increasingly effective in their professional work. That set of teaching quality programs account for:
  • 21.7 million for teacher development within the $40.5 million of eliminated general fund programs

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