Thursday, May 5, 2011

Urban districts raise achievement (Connecticut results)

Student achievement is improving in 15 Connecticut school districts since state educators started helping them bolster their curriculum and teacher training, according to a new report.
The state Department of Education's report says students in those struggling districts made noticeable progress, particularly in reading, since the Connecticut Accountability for Learning Initiative started four years ago.
"Everybody is making growth. That's the story here. Every single student," Heather Levitt Doucette, a consultant with the department, told the state Board of Education when it reviewed the report Wednesday.
The improvement program, known as CALI, stems from a 2007 law intended to help close the achievement gap between Connecticut's wealthy and poor students, and between ethnic minorities and their white counterparts.
That news from the Boston Globe is great for Connecticut students, and of course I want know how the approaches compare to current Kentucky efforts.  I haven't found the detailed version of the report yet, but I'm going to go check with the reporter on the story.

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