Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Growth in degrees: some detail on bachelor's growth

Kentucky's recent growth in postsecondary degrees includes a 6 percent increase in bachelor's degrees over the last year.  Among public institutions, Eastern led in numerical growth with an increase of 411 degrees awarded, while Kentucky State showed the highest growth rate with a 32 percent increase over last year's numbers.
For independent schools, the Council on Postsecondary has not yet released detailed numbers, but they have offered totals for the member schools in the Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges and Universities (AIKCU) and for other independent schools.  Those independents grew even faster than the public institutions, with 10 percent growth for AIKCU and 14 percent for others, compared to 5 percent for public programs. To keep that in proportion, do notice that public universities contributed 76 percent of this year's bachelor degrees and 62 percent of the growth in those degrees.

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