Thursday, May 5, 2011

TELL good news: tech, data, home communication, safety

On the 2010 TELL survey on working conditions, here are the four issues on which Kentucky educators agreed most strongly:
To be more precise, these four issues had the very top percent agreeing or strongly agreeing considering all educators together.  Taking each level separately, these four issues were also in the top eight getting agreement from the survey participants, though with some differences in which got the very strongest support.

These results are very good news. It's great to see teachers confirm that we've succeeded in the KERA goals of making technology a permanent part of our education system and evidence of student progress a regular tool for school improvement.  It's very good to see communication to families so strong (though I admit it makes me long to hear the family perspective on the same question).  And while I deeply wish the "safe work environment" question had received 100 percent agreement, those results are stronger than I expected and a corrective to anyone who claims that our schools are generally unsafe.

To round out this post, here are the issues with the next four highest positives overall, and with top eight ratings at each of the three levels.

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  1. I can't help but wonder what constitutes "useful information about student learning" in parents' minds. If parents were asked the same question I bet the results would be different. And that could be a good place to start some real communication between teachers and parents.


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