Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer Newsletter is a feast!

The Summer issue of  Prichard Perspectives is now available on-line, with an irresistable menu of news on education issues and the Committee's efforts:
• Wilhoit says U.S. schools need to make big changes
• Pilot program makes math a ‘productive struggle’ (with details on the Gates math work)
• Pew grant extends Prichard Pre-K work
• Brant promoting Pre-K business leadership council
• Pre-K expansion bill dies in legislature
• Policy Center sees Kentucky students rising
• Harvard report spotlights Commonwealth Institute
• [Missing Piece] Workshops spread across Kentucky
• [Authentic Parent Engagement] Workshop will equip parent-leadership trainers
• Moberly honored with Award of Excellence
• Sexton addresses Bellarmine grads
• Heine joins meeting with Duncan
• Privett to join Prichard work
• Sexton, staff share Prichard lessons in Baltimore
• Walter Baker dies; former lawmaker, Prichard member

Enjoy it all here, and don't miss the lovely reminders that you can support the Committee's work with a donation, and honor educators who have made a difference in your life.

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