Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Look!

Yes, we've changed the look of the blog, so that we can:

  • Show you part of the post and let you click more to read the rest.
  • Make some semi-permanent information available with a row of tabs across the top of the blog.  Our summary of Senate Bill 1 is there now, and we're planning to add similar pages for major state education initiatives and major student achievement results soon.
  • Let you see our regular topic list in the left margin and the current headlines on the right.
We hope you find the changes helpful, and do let us know your thoughts.


  1. Having to click to read the rest of the post makes it really difficult for those of us who use a blog reader. To be honest, if I have to click over out of my reader to read the rest of the article, I usually don't bother. I know many other people feel the same way. My hope is that you'll switch back to featuring the full text of each post, rather than just the first little bit.

  2. Audrey,

    That's something I didn't know. Thank you for adding that to my knowledge, and I'll wrestle with figuring out how to make it work for all readers.

  3. Fannie Louise MadduxJune 29, 2010 at 11:13 PM

    I agree with Audrey, Susan. It may be just plain laziness on my part, but I rationalize that it is a time thing. I want you to know that this blog is just wonderful! I share it routinely now with others who are interested.


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