Friday, June 11, 2010

Kentucky degree ranking gets some attention

Huffington Post has just picked up on valuable April reporting by the Chronicle of Higher Education about state levels of higher education among young adults 25 to 34.  The main map looks like this, and you can click states to get details if you go the version here.
The Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges and Universities earns a hat tip for spotting this coverage.  Kentucky's position of 38th made it one of the states that HuffPo included in its picture display of weakest state, and AIKCU rightly tweeted that this is "not a list to be proud of."

Note to number lovers: I haven't found the Chronicle's backup information for the map, but the figures are sure to combine two-year and four-year degrees.  When you click Kentucky on the map, you see  32.2 percent as the college degree figure, where as my most recent reporting from census numbers was 22.8 percent with bachelor's degrees. 

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