Friday, October 23, 2009

Leadership in a nutshell

"Judge Combs made you want to do things, and made you not scared of doing things.”

That one line is my favorite bit of Debra Dawahare's account of working on the Rose case at Wednesday night's symposium. It may be the best summary of leadership in action I've heard.

(Along with Bert Combs--the former judge and governor of Kentucky--and Ted Lavitt, Deb Dawahare represented the plaintiffs in the litigation. Folks from the University of Kentucky Law School filmed the whole event, and I hope they'll share the video electronically, so I won't try to retell her story.)

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  1. Debra really did a nice job and really made the story more real, but at the same time even more inspiring. It really was an amazing series of events.

    Thanks for coming. Hope you enjoyed the event.


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